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The Monster Genealogical Society.

   As a child, I had many nightmares. Before I would head off to sleep, I would line up all my teddy bears to help protect me from being afraid of whatever was in store for me during the night. I was eight years old when I came across my first Monster. Her name was 'Gladys' and she appeared at the foot of my bed. She possessed special powers that my teddy bears did not, a strength of which helped stave off those bad dreams. A few years ago, I came across a small notebook in a seldom visited area of my local library. This book was titled ' A Brief History of The Monster Genealogical Society' which was located in a remote area of an undisclosed country. To my surprise I found reference to Gladys! I became intriuged and after months of sleuthing, letter writing, secret meetings with cloaked figures, I became a member of this Society. From my experience with the Monsters, they are here to protect us and overcome our fears. The are truly devoted to those who take them to heart.

   I hope that my discovery of 'The Monster Genealogical Society' will encourage you to choose to accept a special Monster into your life.


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