The Postcard Project

a new beginning.

      This project came about after most of my formal treatment for breast cancer ended. I was ready to find my way back to a routine in the studio, the only problem was, I didn’t know what my purpose was in that space?  After several months of treatment, and the living through the effects of chemo, I was/am becoming a new person... literally. New hair, new cells, scars, weird eyebrows, to list a few changes. My attitude on life had also changed, I was unseated as to my 'role' here in the studio, not to mention how I looked at the passing of time.  Upon my return to the studio, I noticed that time was also affected in that space, as I felt I had no connection to the past. If I were to continue working, what was my role in the room? Nothing felt familiar to me. I had changed, and I was fearful that my treatment altered my 'creative DNA' to something/someone that did not belong in that place. This strangeness went on for weeks. Each day, I entered my studio and took the same tour. Touching artifacts from trips of days long gone, opening books, thumbing through sketches, paintings, holding brushes the way old “Lisa” would, but nothing rekindled that spark I was looking for to guide me back to a routine. I questioned, 'who I was?' if I was no longer an artist?  If I am still one, then what type? These questions were like a quilt that covered me, each concern was a square but I could not see the pattern.


      The idea for this project started with an object in my hand, looking for a vibration that would remind me of my purpose. One day I thought, why not take some of the objects in my studio and draw them? The silent meditative act of drawing could be just the jolt I need to welcome my new creative side into the studio. It was and is, a portal into what lies ahead from my creative soul. I was beginning to feel myself become grounded into the new me and how I 'fit' in my studio space. My view on ‘passing time’ is now measured in a series of “moments”, instead of a 'beginning, middle, and bedtime'.


     I am not the “Lisa” from 2019, pre-cancer diagnosis. I am the new, super-powerful “Lisa”, that despite the odds (and this pandemic), will live my life both inside and outside of the studio, 'moment by moment'.  More creating; more gratitude; more openness to change.


      I do not know what the future holds in store for the planet, but if I can fill corners of it with beauty, then this is what I will do…with gratitude.


Thank you for being a part of this voyage.