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I was born in a big city in Ontario when the air quality was still good and litter was not seen on the ground. The childhood that followed my birth was average for a Canadian girl growing up in the early seventies. Bell bottom pants, a Six Million Dollar Man shirt, a Dorothy Hamill hairstyle, and a banana-seat bicycle were some of the things that I had, along with a box of crayons with a built-in pencil sharpener. I carried my crayons everywhere and drew all the time on almost everything. Years later after puberty took its hold on me changing my outlook on life permanently, I found myself leaving that small town for the bright lights of the Big Smoke. There, I enrolled in a fine arts programme at a large university. For a while, I stayed on as a student, before becoming disillusioned with the lack of inspiration that came from my surroundings. So I left to find a mentor...someone who would inspire me, teach me, and guide my creativity to find its own voice. Those mentors were found in the many books I have acquired over the years. Encountering inspiration through from my travels have been a major source of creativity for me. The journey I am on is one that will never end. As well, my education will go on as long as I continue to be directed by my mentors and remain true to myself.

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