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The Party Dogs

(No animals were harmed during the painting of this series...although, some did get tipsy and needed to take a cab home...)

What happens when you leave your dog at home alone?...Does the phone ring?...Is it dave the rotty from the local dog park?...Why are they calling?...How did they get your number?...

When I would leave my dog Dylan alone at home, my mind wandered onto a strange path of possibilities. What if Dylan didn’t just ‘lay around’ waiting for me to return. What if he went out or had some of his friends, who were also at home alone, over for a party? This thought always stayed with me. Often, when I am out walking the neighbourhood and see a lonely dog sitting on the back of a couch looking out the window, I laugh and wonder if they are waiting for their friends to arrive or perhaps they are the designated ‘look-out-for-the-human-to-return’ watchdog?

The series of ‘The Party Dogs’, began with an image in my head that came to me in a dream. I have in my dog photo collection an image of a slightly seductive looking chinese-crested. In the dream, I saw her sitting in a beam of light with a pink boa behind her, the title of this piece is, ‘Mitzi’s big night’. The look on her face might suggest that she is either waiting for her owner to leave or her owner has just returned. She sort of has that, ‘been out all night’ look about her,  i will let the viewer decide what is her story...

As with most parties, there are certain characters that show up. The ‘cool’ ladies man, the ‘shy at first’ types, the ‘all-about-me’ people, the strong guys, the ‘party girls’, and a variety of other guests. The host of this dog party is ‘Mr. Pimm' the pug. Like most hosts, is having a good time inside, but worries about the every little detail.

I have only painted a small vignette of what could be a huge ongoing party. One thing I am certain of, this party will not end at any time soon. It could be happening now or plans are in the works for another.

to be continued...

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