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Heads and Tales:
A Collection of Anmial Stories, volume 1

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( An excerpt from the book for the above illustration)


Admiral Antonio Dumant:


Admiral Antonio Dumant, or ‘Tony’, was born into a poor Spanish family from Ferez. He left home at an early age to create his mark as a gambler. When he reached the port of El Puerto de Santa Maria, his life changed. In a state of awe with both eyes wide open, he saw ships for the first time. It was at that moment when he realised his life from then on would be lived on the high seas. Working his way up the ranks, until finally becoming an admiral at the ripe age of twenty-four, he was the youngest person to command a ship for Spain. During a late night poker game in the South African port town of Durban, he lost his left eye to a nasty Dutch sailor holding three aces to his flush. Known for his cunning battle skills and charm with women, Tony was also appreciated for his rare orchid collection. 

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