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Yukon or bust

This latest series by Canadian artist Lisa Graziotto, entitled “Yukon or’s the journey that counts”, was inspired by the painter's many road trips across North America. During her travels, she developed an appreciation for the aesthetic design of airstream campers and trailers of the 1950s and 60s, which she began collecting images of (predominantly vintage postcards and photos) from rummage sales and antique markets throughout the country. "I was drawn to the history and memories encapsulated within these vehicles, not to mention their vibrant colours and styles," she explains. In this series, the artist has combined these images with carefully selected, minimal landscape elements which she painted while on her many trips. Working mainly with canvas, the wooden block used in this series is a unique departure for Graziotto. "I wanted to experiment with a block-like, puzzle-like feel with these [paintings]. There's something so playful about the trailers and about the notion of people traveling together. Setting them on wood, in nature, in a sprightly way just made sense to me."

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